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What Is Deep Cleaning In A Commercial Building?

deep cleaning your commercial office building

What Is Deep Cleaning In A Commercial Building? 


There are different types of commercial cleaning services. Though it is easy to order regular cleaning from local service providers, the nature of your business may warrant deep cleaning from time to time. Irrespective of your business model, maintaining a clean workplace boosts employee morale and positive brand perception. 


Assuming your company produces a lot of waste in the process of doing business, commercial deep cleaning services can help you keep the place attractive to prospective clients and customers. 

What Is Office Deep Cleaning? 


Office Deep cleaning is the process of going beyond the visible dirt in your workplace to clean out the grime, dust, mold, and bacteria that may build on edgy surfaces within your property. Based on the constant use of most commercial properties, cleaning the visible and most used spaces might be enough. 


Especially within commercial offices or properties, ignoring some of the spaces used less frequently may increase the cost of deep cleaning services when you finally need them. 

Deep Office Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning 


If you have ever searched in Google with keywords like ‘best deep cleaning companies near me, that means you know exactly what you want. For example, the end of tenancy cleaning services usually involves more tasks and extra time to get the work done. In terms of specific tasks, below are some things you will not find in defined deep office cleaning services. 

  • Using high tech HEPA filter vacuum for thorough carpet cleaning 
  • Sanitization of office monitors, desks, and keyboards 
  • Cleaning your light fixtures and switches 
  • Cleaning the back of your office electronics and appliances 
  • Disinfecting your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet 
  • Cleaning interior and exterior windows 
  • Power washing exterior walls 


Based on the nature of tasks involved, deep office cleaning is usually done less frequently than general cleaning. Depending on the specific context or business needs, our team can conduct professional deep cleaning on the following types of commercial properties. 


  1. Business office 
  2. Shopping malls 
  3. Multi-family tenant homes 
  4. Storage warehouse 
  5. Industrial buildings 
  6. Corporate and public gyms 
  7. Healthcare facilities 
  8. Restaurants 
  9. Hotels 

Commercial Deep Cleaning Cost 


Are you looking for the best commercial deep cleaning companies in Stamford, CT? Look no further; contact our team for a detailed deep office cleaning cost estimation. When you have fryer grease and other types of commercial property dirt to deal with, you can call on our cleaning company to help with that. 


Contact any of our locations to find out what deep cleaning services will help your business.

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Commercial Deep Cleaning Checklist 


Whether this is your first time, this commercial deep cleaning checklist will help you organize the work and get the best output. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do the work or hire a professional cleaning company. 


Using this checklist makes it easy to avoid forgetting anything. 


  • Wiping of office partitions, dispensers, doors, and tile rails 
  • Using approved detergent solution to mop the floors 
  • Wiping down bathroom doors, windows, and handles 
  • Dusting the window blinds 
  • Clean the front and back of your office appliances 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the sink 
  • Dusting and wiping wall hangings 
  • Emptying and relining wastebaskets 
  • Remove cobwebs from the ceiling and other surfaces 
  • Cleaning all glass surfaces throughout the office 

How To Choose A Deep Cleaning Company 


Define Your Needs – What specific type of cleaning services do you need now? Do you need move-out cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning services, or commercial deep cleaning services? The first is to define your current needs. When you have this first thing clarified, it becomes easier to compare the best cleaning companies for the job. 


Choose The Cleaning Frequency – How often should you do deep cleaning? That’s the next thing to decide when you are interested in hiring a cleaning company. To some extent, the cleaning frequency influences the prices of cleaning services in Stamford, CT, and other areas. In terms of commercial cleaning, it is also important to choose when you want the company to do the cleaning work. Do you want it done during office hours, at night, or on weekends? 


Ask For Recommendation – Ask your family members, friends, or work associates for a trusted deep cleaning company they have used in the past. Assuming some of these people have used different cleaning companies in the past, their experience will determine the best people to hire for the job. 


That also means you don’t have to try different cleaning service providers before discovering who is the best. Interestingly, many of Maintenance One’s past clients often come through referrals. 


Reviews And Track Record – Another way to choose the best cleaning company is to look at reviews and track records of the past job done by each company. At this stage, you should be looking specifically to understand the types of jobs they have done for other clients. Based on the variation in commercial properties, it is better to work with a company with a track record of cleaning your type of property. 


For example, if you need the best commercial kitchen cleaners, look for a company with verifiable track experience and track record in that same space. Look into our track record, and you’ll find different types of commercial properties we have cleaned for other clients. 


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Besides the quality of cleaning work, you need to guarantee that the cleaning work will not damage your commercial property or office appliances. In other words, you should be looking for a company that will give you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.