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How Often Should Office Window Cleaning Be Done?

How Often Should Office Window Cleaning Be Done?


Have you started a new business or assumed a role in which you are in charge of office cleaning at your workplace? Whatever the case may be, you might have wondered how often should office window cleaning be done? 


The obvious thing is that you want to keep a tidy workplace that will boost employee morale and productivity while leaving a good impression on prospective clients. 


But how often should the window cleaning be done? That’s the big question. And that’s what we’ll be answering in this post. From here, I’ll guide you on the decision of maintaining an office window cleaning schedule that will suit your business needs. 


However, you have to consider the following factors before fixing a suitable cleaning schedule. 

How To Determine Office Window Cleaning Frequency 


Office Location – When the commercial office is within a busy street, the frequency of getting dirty will be higher. And that will warrant frequent window cleaning. In other words, you have to consider the location of your office building when it is time to decide on cleaning frequency. 


Building Structure – The nature of your windows will also determine the type of office windows used on them. For example, inset windows are more prone to collect dirt, grime, and debris. On the other hand, simple windows may not need regular cleaning work.

The Weather – Some seasons spread more dirt and dust than others. In this case, you have to consider the current season to determine the frequency of the cleaning needs. If you ignore your office windows in a dusty or even rainy season, the chances of collecting dirt will be higher. Moreover, having an office in an area with constant snow will demand continuous cleaning. 


Office Landscape – Do you have some trees and tall flowers around your office windows? If yes is the answer, you may have to deal with frequent window cleaning services. When the presence of trees is combined with the effects of snow, your windows are very likely to get dirty very often. 


Type of Business – Here is another significant determining factor to consider when deciding on office window cleaning frequency. What kind of business or organization is involved? The point here is that cleaning needs vary from one type of business to the other. Consider the following types of companies and the differences between them. 


  • Healthcare Institutions – This is where people deal with lots of chemicals and other substances. Given the frequent visits from patients and their caregivers, the office windows at healthcare facilities may need regular cleaning more than different types of businesses. Besides, a clean healthcare space is a form of reassurance that the patients can get the utmost care. 


  • Restaurants – From the kitchen to other vital areas of a restaurant, windows often get dirty. While your staff are busy doing their regular day job, they may not have enough time to do cleaning work and still customers at the same time. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional window cleaning company that can help with a tailored schedule. 


  • Conventional Office Buildings – While this is not a type of business, most people that use their office for administrative purposes will have less dirt, dust and debris to clean. Think about consulting and professional service businesses, for example. If this is the type of business you have, your office window cleaning needs will likely be less frequent. 


Finally, there is another distinct way to think about office window cleaning frequency. Imagine you are a client or customer visiting your business. How often would you want the office windows to be clean? 


While thinking about it, try to consider some of the other factors discussed earlier. Interestingly, you know your office building, the window structure, landscape and weather at the location more than I do. 


Depending on the variation regarding the factors given above, you may consider cleaning your office window every two weeks, three months or six months. Get a professional cleaning company to help you fix the schedule. 

Benefits of Office Window Cleaning Services


  1. Make positive first impressions 
  2. Enhance building lifespan 
  3. Save employee time 
  4. Professional cleaning safety 
  5. Preserve your office windows 
  6. Use of professional window cleaning equipment 

Should You Hire An Office Window Cleaning Company? 


Even without consulting anyone, simply watching how fast or slow your windows get dirty should tell you how often it will require professional cleaning. After a few cleaning sessions, it will become easy to determine how often your office windows need cleaning. 


Though it is easy to take up the work in some cases, hiring a professional office cleaning company has so many advantages. When you think about the value of your time and your employees, going with experienced expert cleaners that can handle different heights of the building might be your best option.