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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service For Your Business

why hire a office cleaning company


Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service For Your Business

Cleaning your company regularly may seem like the least of your business worries, but it isn’t. Research shows that germs in the workplace are as much a threat as the competition. Cleaning the office yourself or involving your employee may not be enough. 


Amateur cleaners may be unfamiliar with some of the best office cleaning practices and are bound to ignore some key areas. Without a suitable cleaning service, you risk exposing your employees and customers to disease risk. Your company needs a good cleaning company to mitigate this threat. 


This article will show you some services offered by commercial cleaning companies. You will also learn some benefits of hiring a commercial company rather than doing it yourself.


What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer


There are different types of commercial cleaning services and it is is a branch of the professional cleaning industry that caters specifically to businesses—they clean office spaces, schools, town halls, and other spaces where people work.

Commercial cleaning services perform the following services:


Green Cleaning


If you are concerned about the impact of harsh cleaning chemicals on the environment, a cleaning service can take care of that. The cleaners will use environmentally friendly products during the clean-up process, which can give your company a good reputation and save you cost.


Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is essential. Carpets trap residues and are found in many parts of most companies. Commercial cleaners have experience with carpets and will ensure that they thoroughly clean them.


Glass Cleaning


Glasses are as common as carpets and just as tricky. If your company is on high ground, you may not want to risk your neck trying to wipe it down. Fortunately, commercial cleaners are adept at this sort of thing; they can do it professionally and safely. If your wondering how often you should clean your office windows you need to ask your self, When was the last time you actuually had them cleaned!


Post Construction Cleaning


Suppose you have just recently built or renovated your office space. In that case, a commercial cleaning company can help you clear up the dust, wood, cement, or any other debris after a construction project. The speed of this company will allow you to move into the office space swiftly and without hassle.


Emergency Response Clean Up


Some commercial cleaners offer an emergency response in the case of a natural disaster or fire. Some of these services are so fast that you can resume work within 48 hours after a natural disaster.


Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services


There are several benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services. Here are just a few:


It Saves Time


Businesses come with a lot of work and worry. There is no time to clean an office space as you’ll likely be busy. Recruiting regular staff to do it is not productive either, and time spent on cleaning is better spent working to make profits. Plus, they may not know how best to go about it. 


But as you have already seen, you cannot afford to skip cleaning your office space. In the long run, it would affect your business. Commercial cleaning services save you time. They not only do a good job, but they also do a fast one. Commercial cleaners’ fast and efficient pace allows you and your workers to be productive.


It Saves Cost


Paying to clean your office space professionally may seem like a pain. You may feel that there are other essential needs for company funds. But this isn’t the case. In the long run, having a professionally cleaned office will saves you money. How?


Compare the time you would have spent cleaning your office against the profit made doing more productive things. You will realize that outsourcing cleaning makes you more money and reduces stress.


Unclean offices also cause diseases that reduce employee productivity and cause absenteeism. Tardiness will cost your company more than what any commercial cleaner can charge you.


Additionally, renting or even outrightly buying cleaning products will still cost you a chunk of money. It will also cost you time spent on cleaning, and commercial cleaning services will save you both costs.


It Keeps Your Customers and Employees Safe


Sometimes, germs are a problem to a business as its competition. Research reveals 400 times more germs on an office desk than on a toilet seat. These germs can trigger allergies, start infectious diseases, and even contribute to cancer.


Commercial cleaning services will protect your employees and customers from that. Additionally, commercial cleaners can protect your employees or customers from accidents. The spaces an amateur is likely to neglect can lead to trips and falls that would cost you worker productivity and absence from work.

It Makes a Good Impression on Customers


If customers regularly see the inside of your business, it should be as clean as possible. Clean surfaces, windows, and drapes give your business a professional air. While cuffed surfaces, dirty floors, and unpleasant odors do the opposite. They will drive potential clients away.


Commercial cleaning services will ensure that they address every space and make your office pleasant enough to keep your customers. A clean space is even more crucial if you are in the hospitality business.


No one wants to dine or sleep in an untidy space. You will lose customers and possibly risk a shutdown. Commercial cleaners will help in boosting customer trust in your business.


Improved Employee Morale and Productivity 


People are more comfortable in clean spaces and happier, healthier, and more productive. If an office space is attractive and well organized, your employee is more willing to work for longer. 


Research has shown that people report higher rates of job satisfaction when working in clean environments. These workspaces also report a higher rate of community culture and reduced workforce turnover, significantly improving productivity.


By contrast, an untidy environment will make your employee uncomfortable and make them more likely to leave work as soon as possible. Reports show that potential employees are less likely to accept job offers from companies with untidy spaces. Using commercial cleaning companies will help you avoid all these negative consequences.


Improved Air Quality in the Office Space


The proximity of most workspaces often makes them the perfect breeding ground for air pollutants. These pollutants can circulate through the office’s HVAC system. Companies in the US spent 85 billion dollars on a poor workforce. Much of that money went into treating short-term or long-term respiratory conditions aggravated by poor air.


Using a commercial cleaning service, you can protect your workforce against air-borne diseases. These professionals will clear up HVAC systems and improve air quality in your office. They will also create a supportive space for your employees to work.




A clean workspace is essential for your business and your health. A poorly cleaned workspace can have a lot of negative consequences. You could get losses due to sick employees and reduced productivity. Cleaning it yourself or using your employee can cost you in the long run.


Hiring a good professional cleaning service will save you time and cost in the long run. They also help boost employee satisfaction and improve the air quality in your office space. All in all, there are so many benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service.

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