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Why You Should Use Green Cleaning Products For Commercial Cleaning

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Why You Should Use Green Cleaning Products For Commercial Cleaning

It’s no secret that cleaning products play a major role in maintaining home and work areas. But, conventional cleaners can be harmful to man and the environment. These products can irritate and damage the skin, eyes, lungs, and other body parts. Some of them can affect the soil and wildlife when released into the environment.


As a commercial cleaner, you may unknowingly harm your customers while using these cleaners. Also, prolonged use of these harmful chemicals contributes to environmental pollution. This means that your services can affect human health and environmental sustainability.


The best way out is by switching to green cleaning products. Not only will it be good for your business, but also to protect your health and others.


If you’re new to green cleaning, then you may want to read further. In this post, we will show you the reasons why you should choose green cleaning products.


Reasons to Avoid Conventional Cleaning Products


Many conventional cleaning products contain harmful compounds called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are so called because they can easily change into gas. When released or sprayed, they can be inhaled through the nose or mouth. Exposure to VOCs can pose health risks such as respiratory issues and intensify existing health problems.


When in the atmosphere, VOCs can reduce indoor and outdoor air quality. Water bodies and soil can get polluted when VOCs mix in rain or drainages.


Conventional cleaners are affordable and effective in cleaning. But their dangers outweigh their benefits. As the owner of a cleaning business, you can prevent these dangers by avoiding these cleaners.


What is Green Cleaning?


Green cleaning is the use of products and processes that do not release pollutants. Many homeowners use vinegar, lemon, and baking soda as green cleaning products. But as a commercial cleaner, manufactured green products may be more effective.


Green cleaning products should be biodegradable and non-toxic. They should contain very little or no VOCs, chlorine, lye, or ammonia. Nowadays, many cleaning product brands claim to be “green” but contain harmful chemicals. If you run a cleaning business, you can research true green products that are safe to use. Check labels for VOCs and the likes before purchasing your cleaning products.

Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products

  • Environmentally Safe


Green cleaning products contain biodegradable chemicals. This simply means that they can be easily broken down and assimilated back into the environment. As a result, the environment remains safe and clean. Choosing green cleaning products is important for our ecosystem to stay functional.


On the other hand, conventional cleaners are non-biodegradable and unsafe for the environment. The chemical components in these cleaners contribute to soil, water, and air pollution. They persist in the environment and can be toxic when consumed by living organisms.

  • Non-Hazardous to Man and Wildlife


As said earlier, usual cleaners can be hazardous to anyone who inhales or ingests them. The toxic chemicals are potent and can cause many health risks.


Contrarily, green cleaning products are non-toxic to humans and animals. They’re safe to use and do not require you to put on protective gear. This is a good advantage because the health of your staff and customers are not put at risk.


  • It Is Affordable


Many people think that green cleaners are more expensive than common cleaners. But this is not true. DIY green cleaners can be made using cheap ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and ethanol.


Manufactured green cleaning products may be new to the market and less popular. But many green cleaner brands are readily available and affordable. You do not need to break the bank to get a brand for your business. A little research on the best and most affordable brand can get you started.


  • They Do Not Affect Indoor or Outdoor Air Quality


Clean air is necessary whether in an indoor or outdoor space. Unlike usual cleaners, green cleaning products do not release harmful chemicals that pollute the air. They also do not leave unpleasant chemical odors or scents.


  • Green Cleaners Are Less Abrasive And Leave No Stain


Common cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, VOCs, and methyl chloride. These chemicals can stain surfaces and cause them to erode with time. As a result, they lead to the rapid damaging of surfaces like floors, tables, walls, and more. Also, more money will be spent on replacing and repairing these structures when they begin to wear out.


In contrast, green cleaners are made with more gentle alternatives that are non-abrasive and leave no stain. So, they help to maintain the health of your structures while keeping them clean.

Wrap Up


Cleaning products are the main tools of commercial cleaning businesses. They help to maintain surfaces and environments while getting rid of unwanted stains.


Conventional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can pose serious health risks. They’re also harmful to the environment.


As an owner of a cleaning business, it is important to opt for green cleaning products. This is because they’re much safer for man and the environment. They’re also affordable, effective, and maintain the health of structures.