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How to Clean One of the Worst Sources of Bacteria in Your Office

Do you know what we are talking about?  Have you ever stopped to look at your keyboard?  No?  Well, you should. You will never imagine how much dirt and bacteria this little object can hold.  However, now you know it, so ask your commercial cleaning service to take care of it regularly, or get what […]

Important Facts about Allergies

There are many types of allergies: -Food allergies -Latex allergies -Hay fever -Sinusitis -Nasal allergies -Chronic allergies Non-allergic irritants like smoke or severe temperatures can influence chronic allergies, which, along with the nasal ones, are the most common types of allergies. Here are several tips to learn to identify, treat, and get rid of allergies: […]

This is How a Mirror Should Be Cleaned

Besides adding beauty and elegance to any office setting, mirrors also make small spaces appear bigger, thus, they are one of the preferred decorative elements modern interior designers use to enhance business spaces. Nevertheless, mirrors have a big disadvantage: they get dirty very easily. This dirt can really be seen, and it is an ugly […]