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How to Clean One of the Worst Sources of Bacteria in Your Office

Do you know what we are talking about?  Have you ever stopped to look at your keyboard?  No?  Well, you should.

You will never imagine how much dirt and bacteria this little object can hold.  However, now you know it, so ask your commercial cleaning service to take care of it regularly, or get what you need to start cleaning your keyboard yourself:

-Pre-treated computer wipes
-A soft cloth
-Cotton swabs or Q-Tips
-Compressed air or a small vacuum
-A small brush with stiff bristles
-Water or fluid to clean computers

Start by ensuring your computer is shut down and unplug the keyboard from the system unit, then:

-Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to get rid of the loose dirt and crumbs inside of it.

-Use compressed air to blow away the remaining dust and other particles that are stuck between the keys.  Apply the compressed air at an angle while you hold the keyboard facing down.  Do this outside, so that the dust doesn’t get scattered all over your office again.

If you don’t have compressed air, use a little vacuum.  Most of them have appliances to clean tight spaces like the ones in your keyboard, however, be careful not to suck up the keys.

-Dampen the soft cloth with water or fluid to clean computers and wipe the keyboard.  This will remove dirt that is stuck and will help a lot in cleaning it.  Never spray the water or fluid directly on the keyboard.  If the dirt or stains don’t come out, use a cotton swab and some alcohol to clean it.

-If you can’t clean well in between the keys, try to remove one; most keys on keyboards can be removed, however, do it one at a time so that you remember where they go.  You can also take a picture of the keyboard and then, remove all the keys.

-Now your keyboard is clean.  Let it dry completely before you plug it back.  In the future, use a keyboard cover to protect your keyboard when it is not in use, and try not to eat over it!

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