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Important Facts about Allergies

There are many types of allergies:

-Food allergies
-Latex allergies
-Hay fever
-Nasal allergies
-Chronic allergies

Non-allergic irritants like smoke or severe temperatures can influence chronic allergies, which, along with the nasal ones, are the most common types of allergies.

Here are several tips to learn to identify, treat, and get rid of allergies:

1.An individual who suffers from nasal allergies most probably will show a runny nose with watery and clear mucus.  He or she will suffer from itchy eyes, nose, throat, and ears, as well as of eye redness, and watering and incessant sneezing.

2.Nasal allergies can be treated in several ways:  with antihistamines, allergy shots, nasal sprays, and Vitamin C.

-The antihistamines control the sneezing and coughing, and they decongest the sinuses.

-Nasal sprays take care of serious and persistent symptoms every day.

-Allergy shots are recommended only for individuals with incessant and acute allergic reactions

-Vitamin C can be taken every day, is present in many foods, and is a natural antihistamine.

3.Many non-prescription allergy medicines have pseudoephedrine, which is a strong decongestant and stimulant, thus, these can make you nervous, restless, produce insomnia, can raise your heart rate, and elevate blood pressure, so, be careful.

4.If nasal sprays are used for a long time, these can make congestion worse.

5.You can try immunotherapy, through which your body is exposed to several irritating allergens one at a time, increasing the amount of allergens slowly until your organism becomes immune to it.

6.If your allergies get worse while you are at home this means you may be in contact with mould, the number one cause of allergies, or maybe you are allergic to the family pet.

You should start looking for the black slime that characterizes mould, which can be eliminated with a strong mix of bleach and water.  If the problem persists, this means what was cleaned was just the surface mould, and your home will require a mould inspection.

In regards to your pet, ask your doctor if it can be the cause of your allergies before you take action.

7.If your allergies worsen when you are at the office, get some plants, which can help purify the air from allergens and dangerous chemicals. Find ways to increase ventilation in your office, and hire a professional janitorial services to ensure the space is always clean and dust free.

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