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This is How a Mirror Should Be Cleaned

Besides adding beauty and elegance to any office setting, mirrors also make small spaces appear bigger, thus, they are one of the preferred decorative elements modern interior designers use to enhance business spaces.

Nevertheless, mirrors have a big disadvantage: they get dirty very easily. This dirt can really be seen, and it is an ugly sight.  If your office has mirrors, you must learn how to keep them clean, just like professional office cleaning services do.

This is what you need to clean mirrors:

-A soft dusting cloth
-Glass cleaner (homemade or ready made)
-Paper towels
-Old newspapers

This is how a mirror should be cleaned:

-If the mirror is hanging, take it down.  Put it over old newspaper sheets so that these catch the dirt and you don’t have to clean floors or other areas afterwards.

-Dust the mirror and its frame to get rid of the dirt that has built-up, and of tiny particles that may scratch the glass when cleaning it.

-Put glass cleaner on the dusting cloth and rub strongly.  Never put the cleaner directly on the mirror surface because it produces a dim, stained look on the edges.

-Immediately get rid of any cleaning fluid that may have penetrated the frame because, depending on the material, this liquid may damage it.  If possible, do not let any fluid reach the frame.

-Finally, rub the glass with dry old newspaper to leave the mirror shining.

If there is grease on the mirror, you can use alcohol and a blade to remove it, but be careful not to scratch the glass.  You have to work fast to prevent the fluids from drying on the glass before you wipe them.  If the mirror is very big, work by sections to ensure you get it right.

Follow the three “A’s” principle when selecting a glass cleaner:  Acids, Alkali, and Abrasive.  Fluids that contain acids and alkalis can destroy glass, and abrasive substances can scratch it.  You can make an excellent natural glass cleaner with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and water.

For bathroom mirrors, rub some liquid soap or shaving cream to prevent them from fogging after a hot shower; however, this soap layer must be cleaned regularly.

By the way, this method also works for cleaning windows like a pro!

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